Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I know the wife bought a turkey but where on earth did she put the bird?

Happy Thanskgiving to everyone. I hope you all have a great day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Uneventful Weekend....

So we had a very uneventful weekend at my house. Friday I had a bit of a cold so I took some medicine and went to bed WAY early. I told Kyle we were just like an old married couple falling asleep on separate couches LOL! It was pretty funny to see when I woke up a midnight and went to bed. Saturday was also very mellow, just did a little housework and not much else. Yesterday we got the Christmas lights up on the house.... and I am so excited to turn them on! However, Kyle told me I can't turn them on until next weekend SUCK! We did turn them on for Ava for a minute last night and she just looked at them and said "my Christmas lights on my house are so beautiful". It was so cute. We've been talking with her about Christmas and why we have Christmas. She is understanding the gift thing but nothing else but that will come when she gets a little bit older. Grandma Janet asked her yesterday what Santa Claus was going to bring her. She told her pink lips, purple lips, orange lips, more pink lips and a puppy! Ok the "lips" are lipstick but I had no idea that she was throwing in a puppy too. So grandma asks her what kind of puppy she wants since she already has two. She tells her one that can swim with her. Ok so I now realize that she wants the puppy from TV that swims and walks. Thank goodness... the last thing I need right now is another dog!

I am pretty much done Christmas shopping. I'm going on Friday with my sister and can't wait! and yes, I know I'm crazy for going on Black Friday but I LOVE IT! However, I will officially be done shopping on Friday as well. Hope all is well with everyone. Loves.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm going to jump on the "thankful" bandwagon! I don't have any fun pictures to post but I'm going to tell you ten things that I am thankful for right now.

1. My family & friends... especially Kyle and Ava. I would be nothing without them!
2. The dishwasher... when I first moved into my home, there wasn't one and Kyle gave me one for Christmas two years ago. It was the greatest gift ever, it just keeps on giving!
3. My job... I may not like it at times but they are really good to me and it's a very stable job.
4. My dogs... they give us all unconditional love.
5. The roof over my head and food on our table. We might not have steak & lobster for dinner every night... wait who am I kidding we never have lobster, I'm allergic to it! but we always have something good to eat.
6. My 1997 Volkswagen Jetta... even with 200k miles on it, it just keeps on ticking and hopefully will for another year or maybe even two!
7. The Internet... where would we be without it?
8. My blogging friends.
9. Satellite television... the Nogin channel can be my best friend at times!
10. Water... yes, water! Any kind of water especially drinking water and the water in Lake Powell for boating!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So Ava got her very first flu shot this morning. Mommy tried very hard to prepare her for it before we got to the health department. I'm a firm believer that you should tell your kids before they get one to prepare them. So I tell Ava that she is getting a shot so she doesn't get sick this winter. Ava looks at me and says.... you only get shots when you get sick mommy! I again tell her that his is a different kind of shot. Kyle was supposed to take Ava but I ended up taking her since my car broke down on my way to work... this is two days in a row now that I blew a radiator hose on my way to work. Ava tells me that if she has to get a shot, she's going to wear her pajamas and take her Dora doll. I told her that was fine so off we went. I fill out all of the paperwork and she's telling the lady that she's getting a shot today so she won't get sick. The lady in disbelief asks me why I would ever tell my child they were getting a shot? I then have to explain my logic to her. So the nurse takes us back and I give Ava a sucker. The nurse looks at me and asks me why I would give her a sucker before the shot as the sucker is usually used as a reward for being so brave. I tell her just to give her the shot and she'll see why. Ava sucks on her sucker the entire time and only took it out to say "it's not nice to poke people"! She did great! She didn't even let out a whimper. The nurse then tells me that was the greatest idea she's ever heard or seen... and asks if it's ok to use it on other kids throughout the day!! I kind of laughed when she asked me.

Things at my house are a little bit better this week. We've figured out some things with the insurance companies and needless to say, Kyle's old insurance company is finally paying out on a few claims. There are more bills in collections right now then are being paid but we'll just work through it. I'm pretty frustrated with one though... so it got paid but they won't write off what they call "additional charges". I can't seem to get a straight answer on what these charges are though. I'm currently working on those and hoping for the best. This pretty much sums up my week. My sister and I are going "window" Christmas shopping tomorrow and I am pretty excited for that... probably because we don't have to take our kids! Hope all is well with everyone.... Loves!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"8's" tag....

My sister in law Emmalee tagged me to do this.

8 shows I love to watch... (when I have time)
1. CSI - Las Vegas & Miami
2. The Biggest Looser (this show really motivates me)
3. Without a Trace
4. The Amazing Race
5. Cold Case
6. Two and a half men
7. ??
8. ??
Em... I think we really like a lot of the same shows :)

8 favorite restaurants
1. PF Changs
2. Olive Garden
3. Los Amigo's
4. Mimi's
5. Subway
6. Gandolfo's
7. Cafe Rio
8. Macaroni Grill

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I had the day off of work (Veteran's Day)
2. Went to the grocery store
3. Got in the shower and got ready for the day
4. Did a little homework
5. Went to my sister's house
6. Cleaned out part of my China Hutch... it's a bigger job then what I thought it would be.
7. Did a couple loads of laundry
8. Watched the movie "Juno".... it was really a good movie!

8 things I look forward to....
1. Having "one" more child... after the next one, we are totally done!
2. Being done with school
3. Living my life and experiencing new things with Kyle
4. Having a new car someday
5. Being debt free... lol like that will ever happen!!
6. Watching Ava... she's growing up so fast!
7. Being able to spend more time with my dad... we don't get to see him very often :(
8. Kyle finding a job!

8 things I love about fall
1. The leaves!
2. Thanksgiving dinner... mmm turkey!
3. Fresh baked rolls... I don't do much baking in the summer.
4. Grandma's house cause she always has goodies
5. Making home maid soups
6. Black Friday Shopping!!!!!
7. Spending time with family and friends
8. Hot Chocolate.... with peppermint schnapps (you can't drink the stuff straight).

8 things on my wish list
1. Kyle finding a job!
2. Buying a new car... I want a new one that's never been driven by ANYONE else before!
3. Going back to somewhere warm: Hawaii, Mexico, Grand Cayman's, ANYWHERE!!!!
4. Loosing weight! We've finally figured out what is wrong with me so I can actually start to loose weight now.
5. Taking Ava somewhere fun when she gets a little bit older.
6. Going back to Lake Powell... I can't wait till next summer!
7. Building onto our house... we only have 2 bedrooms and need one more so we can have another child.
8. Being filthy rich or lets just say debt free!!! I'm either going to win the World Series of Poker next year or the Megabucks. I think I have a better chance at the Poker table. I'm a pretty good player!

I'm supposed to tag 8 people now. However, I'm just going to tag anyone who wants to do this fun tag!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I don't think that I'm officially the worlds worst blogger but I sure haven't been a very good one for a couple of weeks. Not much is new with me same crap; different week. Kyle found out last week that the coal mine that was supposed to be hiring 20 people this month wasn't going to hire until April of next year SUCK! I sure hope that something comes up pretty soon, more for his sake then anyone else's. The lovely economy hit home again with my sister getting laid off from her job. She and I have a joke that we are all going to end up bankrupt and living in one house with me taking care of everyone since my job is very stable. Oh and I don't make that much money so that would totally SUCK! I seriously hope that people don't take us serious about that... I know we shouldn't joke around about things like that but we still need to smile once in a while and try to make light of a bad situation. This is actually something that reminds us that things can always be a lot worse. Her husbands shop also isn't doing very well. So we're really hoping that he is not the next to loose his job. Misty has a strong medical background so we think she'll find something very soon. I'm really trying to talk her into going back to school and finishing her RN. Hopefully she'll agree with me on that :)...

So I officially feel old! I went to the liquor store in Ephraim this week and it was the first time I've never been carded when someone is working that doesn't know me! I usually get the look from the sales clerk like are you sure you're that old... not to toot my own horn but I have good genes!! I really don't look as old as I am. You wouldn't know by looking at my mom that she's 50 and my dad's 58. They both look very good for their age too.

We had a lot of fun at our adult Halloween Party. I had a hard time coming up with a costume. I knew I should have kept all of those jelly shoes! I decided to make something. I think it was a cross between Cindy Lauper and Madonna. It actually looked really cute. We found Kyle a flowing mullet (LOL). I really think that he had one of those years ago when I didn't know him yet. This isn't a very good picture but it's the only one that we got.

Hope all is well with everyone I will post again very soon! Loves to all....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween....

Ava and her cousin, Kyden went trick or treating last night and had a blast! They were both so cute... they'd say trick-or-treat and then thank you every time they were given something. Ava's costume originally started as a bumble bee. She thought it was a butterfly and then decided that it was a fairy princess instead. If you asked her what she was, she'd tell you something different every time you asked her. Mommy didn't really want to put the flower on the costume but what princess Ava wanted for Halloween, she got it! My sister and I had so much fun making the girl's costumes this year and it was such a nice night for trick or treating. Mommy and Daddy's adult Halloween party is tonight and I'm still trying to come up with a costume to wear. The theme is "80's prom" however, I'm struggling. I will find something though and post pictures tomorrow. If anyone has any ideas on a fun 80's prom costume, let me know!