Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun Pictures

Since we haven't really done much over the past couple of weeks, I thought I'd just post some random pictures that I've taken.

Ava and her new furry friend, Mia!

Playing in the snow with my friend Kelby.

Lounging in my chair that I am too big for. Ava calls this chair her TV chair and won't let mommy get rid of it.

Lil' miss attitude!

Ava loves to play in the dryer. Mommy has to keep the door to the laundry room shut or she gets right in.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Well, I have a bit of an announcement to make. Since we have been together for five long years (Kyle says it's more like an eternity), Kyle and I have decided that we are finally going to get married. The date is August 9th and we're going to have it at my mom and step-dad's home here in Mt. Pleasant. They have a beautiful yard and Stanton is excited to plant flowers for the occasion. I'll give you an update on the details once I start the planning. We only decided a couple of days ago on the date and my sister, Misty, is already hard at work finding things that I need to do. Loves to all.... Aimee

Winter Wonderland.......

We have been pounded with snow over the past couple of days. Ava said to her dad this morning, what happened to the road? We have probably got about 13 inches since last night. This is the most snow I've seen in years!

Picture taken 03Feb2008

Picture taken 03Feb2008

Picture taken 03Feb2008

This picture was taken on 26Jan2008. It was the first day we had seen the sun in days.

Sleepy Time???

Ava's daddy built her some new shelves in her closet. Ava decided that it was more fun to play and try to sleep on them then to put her shoes and other things on them.

Merry Christmas