Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hello, we're still alive! I appologize that I haven't posted anything lately but I've had NO time to do anything but final wedding preparations. We had a minor problem with bridesmaid dresses but got that quickly fixed (had to buy two new dresses; don't tell my mom) LOL. However, unless it's an absolute dire emergency, I will NEVER EVER spend another dime in David's Bridal again!!!! We bought my wedding dress there and the original two bridesmaid dresses there. Well, one bridesmaid lost some weight and the other gained a little and neither dress fits anymore. We looked at the dresses and you couldn't alter them. Anyways, I went up to the Orem store and asked if I could possibly return the others for store credit as the tags were still attached, of course not... they don't take returns. I asked the lady if she was kidding nope, they DO NOT take returns! We found a dress that fit my sister well, they didn't have one in my other bridesmaids size in that color. The lady at the store wouldn't even call any of the other stores to see if they had that dress in her size. She gave me a list of phone numbers that showed in the stupid computer they had the dress in that size; wasn't that just so nice of her! I should have told her to remove the board from her ass and she might get a higher commission if she learned some customer service but I decided just to smile and nod. I ended up getting one out of California and they charged me $25 for two day shipping! I suggested that they start using the USPS flat rate large box of $13.95 for future purposes and of course, that didn't go anywhere but between me and that sales lady but come on, even if foot locker doesn't have your size they'll find it and ship it to your home for free! I couldn't even pay for the new dress at the Orem store, they had to "call me back" to see if it was ok to do an over the phone payment.... JERKS! I could say something worse but I'll try to keep this a PG-13 rated post afterall, I did say ass earlier... LOL what a week!!! So, I looked for a corporate number for complaints in their website and guess what??? I couldn't find one, imagine that!

I got all of the invitations mailed but now we're remembering people that should have been mailed and invite and of course, we ran out of invitations. I will be so glad when this wedding is over! I told Kyle last night we were just going to take off and come back and tell everyone we were already married but I think my mom and especially my step-dad might take me for a drive and not bring me back if you get my point!!

Now for the wedding decorations. I was not born with the "crafty" gene, that's my mommy's department. Well, my sister and I have to "help" make 50 or 75 bows for decorations, she doesn't have the "crafty" gene either... I have a hard time making a bow on Ava's dress look good let alone one for wedding decorations! Does anyone have any suggestions or something you could suggest I buy to assist me with this project???

So, there's my drama for the last week. The only thing that went smoothly was it was easy to apply for a marriage certificate. Now, I am just looking forward to my parties next Saturday! after that, the next weekend is the wedding and the next is our annual "adult" trip to Lake Powell which is going to double as our honeymoon this year and I really can't wait to just leave for a weekend and get some much needed rest, sunshine and "adult" beverages!

Monday, July 21, 2008

and the winner is????

Here is the winner, we went with the black and white. This is the one Kyle liked best and really the only thing that he's had ANY input on and since it's his wedding too, I thought I'd let him make the final decision!

Things are going pretty good this week. I've got almost all of my address labels made and we are on target to get everything mailed by the 23rd. WOW... maybe I can get some much needed rest after the invites go out... LOL, what is rest anyhow and who needs it??? I don't even remember what rest is... and then I am very looking forward to a couple of bridal showers on the 2nd. It's getting so close and the closer it gets, we wish we would have eloped and went to Vegas!!! There's no turning back now LOL.... Loves to all!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Engagement Photos are here......

We got our engagement photos back tonight and I'm having a hard time deciding which one do use. I can't decide which one I like best. Maybe you can all help me out.... which one to you like? full coloring, light coloring or black and white????

We also did bridal portraits tonight and the photographer said that they were one of the easiest settings he's ever done. I guess that's a good thing?!? The planning is going pretty good this week. I went to Provo with my mom and sister yesterday and I think we got all of the "finishing touches" taken care of... LOL probably not. I'm sure something else will come up! Seriously, let me know what you think about the pictures... Loves to all!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Everything comes together....

So I woke up this morning stressed and freaked about the wedding: no cake, men's clothes, flowers, blah blah blah.... I looked online all last Thursday to find clothing that would fit all of the men in the bridal party. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Kyle's brother needs big & tall, my step-dad needs tall and the rest are just regular sizes. I couldn't find ANYTHING that all of them could wear in the color that I wanted. I had also left numerous messages to see about wedding cakes and the calls that I got back they were either already booked or didn't want to make a "simple" cake. Needless to say when I left work last Thursday, I had a really bad attitude about things. Well, I had the same attitude this morning. I talked with my sister and we decided that we would go shopping again next week and just hope that we can find something since we're getting so close to the wedding date.

I went with my sister to lunch today still freaked out and worried. We went to a local grocery store to get a cake for my nephews birthday. We got there and couldn't find anything for Garrett but guess what???? they make wedding cakes! They actually had the exact cake that I wanted in their brochure for cakes so we ordered the cake why we were there! I then went back to work and thought maybe I will just look online one more time. I got back on and found EVERYTHING that I needed for my men and got free shipping too. We also be ordering the flowers tomorrow and they're about $150 less then expected WOO HOO! I feel a lot better now that these things are done. I talked with the photographer today and we are going to do bridal portraits next Tuesday and I'll have the disc back with all of the engagement photos this week. I am so happy tonight!

I hope everyone had a good 4th. We went to the local parade and then went camping with friends. It was a good weekend. I have some pictures to post and will post them when I get my computer back sometime this week. I was so bummed out though. I had bought Ava this really cute outfit for the 4th. Well when I put it on her that morning, it was about 2 sizes to big and she wasn't able to wear it. Oh well, she still looked cute. She LOVED the parade. The local parade still throws candy and she thought that was so fun. She looked at me like... mommy, you mean they throw candy at me and I get to pick it up put it in a bag and it's all mine!!!! It was so much fun! Hope all is well... Loves to everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Engagement Photos

Well, I have one less thing to worry about. We did our engagement photos and the photographer said that they turned out great and Ava was even cooperative for them! He said that he just needed to photo shop a little and would get them to me next week. That means that I am right on target to get invites mailed YIPPY!!!! I also got my final grade for my Cultural Anthropology class today and it was an overall "B".... I am very happy about that in fact, I would have been happy with a "C". I struggled with that class! My next class will be Educational Psychology and I'm not really looking forward to that one either. Hope all is well with everyone... Loves