Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aimee & Shanan

Here is a picture of me and one of my very best friends, Shanan. I just want her to know how much I love her and appreciate everything she does for me and my family!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ear piercing anyone???

From the day that Ava was born, I've been asked when I was going to pierce her ears. My answer was always the same; when Ava tells me she wants to wear earings, we'll pierce her ears. Well the day finally came that Ava told mommy she wanted earings! We also had Kyden's ears pierced as well. She didn't do as well as Ava did. It was so funny. Ava just looked at the lady and told her "don't poke me, that's not nice"!

Rainbow Bridge

This is a picture of the famous Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell. Isn't it beautiful! This picture was actually taken with Shanan's camera phone since we both forgot our camera's back in the room. Unfortunately, this is one of the only pictures we have of this last trip to Powell.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that I've taken this summer. The little girl in the pictures with Ava is her cousin, Kyden. I just love random posts!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are still alive.......

Hello everyone.... we are still alive! Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I've been super busy with the wedding, honeymoon/powell trip etc. Kyle and I finally tied the knot back on August 8th. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a down pour of rain between the ceremony and reception. I thought it was funny, my mom didn't as the wedding was outside in her yard! However, after the rain lifted, it was a gorgeous night! I've posted some pictures below of my bridals that were taken prior to the wedding. My hair is a bit longer because we put in some extensions for the photographs. We didn't use the extensions for the wedding though. I will post some pictures of the wedding once I get them back from the photographer.

I had to officially return back to work today and wasn't so excited about that. It was so nice to be able to take some time off. I needed a break! Now, it's back to regular life and I'm sure glad to be back and not have the stress I've haded the past couple of months. I'm excited to be a parent again and just love on my little one. I missed her so much when we were on our trip! I have so much more to update you all on but just don't have the time right now. I will post again soon! Loves to all......