Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think....

my winter slump is back and tech, it's not even winter yet. I've just lost my blogging mojo lately.

Well, we had an exciting weekend in Vegas. We went down with my sister and her husband and my sister and I went to the U2 concert, it was FABULOUS. They just keep getting better and better in concert. We'd like to attend another next year, but we'll wait and see. So Vegas is no longer the home of the $4.99 breakfast, lunch and dinner. A beer in Planet Hollywood was $11.50, yes $11.50. You can buy a entire 12 pack for what that baby cost. Oh and I don't consider myself a cheapskate either. I'm good to spend money on things but this was just a bit too much if you ask me. However, we had a fabulous meal on our way home in Mesquite at the Chuck Wagon in the Virgin River, $3.99 ham steak and eggs. It was the greatest meal of the entire trip. I've got some pictures to post but my USB cable has decided it needed a vacation and I can't find it. It'll show up and when it does, I'll post.

We're getting ready for Halloween this week. I was going to dress Ava up as a kitty but that's now changed to Minnie Mouse since my friend Shanan has a costume that we can borrow. We'll also have our adult party later that night and that will be a blast. I'll have to let you all know how it goes... Loves to all!!!!

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