Tuesday, August 4, 2009


and the livings easy NOT! It's so freaking busy! We have a bunch of stuff coming up over the next several weekends and I honestly don't think we have a free weekend till after Labor Day. However, we do have some fun plans so it's all good.

Kyle started his city job on July 27th and I think he likes it. I know he liked the other a little more but this is a lot more stable and NO travel so that will be so nice. My job is plugging right along. I get to take a few days off this month and I'm so excited about that. My anniversary is also fast approaching. I can't believe that we've been married for a year already. This past year has really gone by fast. We're doing something next weekend so I'll post pictures when we get home. Ava starts dance and gymnastics classes on the 17th and is so excited she wants to wear her dance clothes and swimsuit everyday. I think I might have to hide them.

So other then just being super busy, we are all doing well. I'll try to get some pics posted this week before we leave next weekend. Hope all is well. Loves....

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My Three Sons said...

Good for Kyle and his new job! I'm so glad to see so many doors open for him.

I'm sure your job never ends. It's so sad to think that you have a job that will never be excluded.

Can't wait to see some pics of sweet Ava. Your going to have to put some up so Carson can be "dazed" by them. LOL

Take care and I'm glad to see an update from you. Missed Ya!